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Stalker Stationary Statistics Sensor

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Stalker’s Stationary Statistics Sensor delivers high performance with low power requirements for pole mount or speed/message trailer application.

Stalker Traffic Control Sensor

The Stalker Stationary Statistics Sensor is a self-contained system to monitor and internally record traffic patterns on roadways in virtually any location and weather condition.

In addition to its statistical capabilities, the unit can track up to 10 moving vehicles simultaneously and operate as an ordinary speed sensor feeding strongest and fastest target information to external systems through a RS-232, RS-485, USB Communication, or USB flash drive interface.

Designed for use with the Stalker Traffic Analyst Application.

RS-485 connection allows for multiple sensors to one controller.

Internal Real Time Clock for date time stamps.

Part Number Description  
200-0880-01 Side Port RS-232 and RS-485
200-0880-53 Rear Port RS-232, RS-485,
and USB com port

Rear Port RS-232, RS-485 and
USB com port

This sensor is identical to the 200-0880-53 with the exception that this product is intended for embedded use only, where it will be installed inside a protective housing by the end user.
CE Approved for embedded use.

200-0880-54 Side Port USB com port only
200-0880-56 Rear Port RS-232, RS-485 and USB
memory stick port
200-1004-02 Stationary Statistics Sensor without enclosure

Open Board Speed Sensor

The open board version of the Stationary Statistics Sensor is perfect for pole mounted displays, speed signs, and speed trailer applications where a housing is not needed.

mph, km/h, knots, m/s, ft/s
RS-232, RS-485
11 Streaming, 3 polled protocols
Low power consumption <1 watt
1-Year parts and labor warranty
Physical Characteristics
Size 3.32 x 2.76 x 1.1 inches
(8.43 x 7.01 x 2.79 cm)
Weight 3.2 oz. (.09 kg)
Mounting Mounting holes for flexibile OEM mounting
Part Number Description  
200-1004-02 Stationary Statistics Sensor
without enclosure

Designed for use with the Stalker Traffic Analyst

Using captured data from the Stationary Statistics Sensor, updated analysis control allows you to take raw data and display it by count vs time, count vs speed, and 85th percentile, just to name a few. Data can be split, graphed, filtered, and then rendered in a color report designed with Agency branding and support information.

Beginning with the setup, the actual sensor can be configured. Then, the intuitive survey management tools walk the user through calendar setup, location details, speed and time resolutions, vehicle classification, speeds, distances, and more. .

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Typical applications:






Features of the Stalker Stationary Statistics Sensor

  • Internal data memory for autonomous operation
  • Collects traffic volume, speeds, direction, and classification over time
  • Simultaneous multi-vehicle tracking capability for reliable data gathering
  • Tracks up to 10 moving vehicles simultaneously
  • Collects data in four modes:
    • Always on
    • Only during set time period
    • Same time period every day
    • Only on selected days
  • Minimum following time data filter 
  • Streaming raw data output
  • 5 bin vehicle size classification with proper sensor training
  • Data viewing and analysis supported by the Stalker Traffic Analyst
  • Software upgradeable
  • Internal realtime clock for data logging
  • FCC Part 15 approved

PC Graphical Interface included - Sensor Wizard Application

  • Powerful tool for sensor configuration, testing and firmware update

Developers Kits

Combined Data/Power Statistics Developer Kit
Part number: 200-1026-21

Stalker Stationary Speed Sensor II Dashboard Setup application

  • Interface Box (155-2360-01)
  • Switching Power Supply with US/Euro plug sets (200-1021-00)
  • Application with Config files (200-0972-00)
  • USB-to-Serial (DB9) Port Adapter (015-0196-00)
  • Serial cable (10’) (155-2130-00)
  • Sensor Mount and Pole Clamp
  • Statistics Application (200-0973-00)

  • Optional carrying case


Max Range >1300 Feet (400 m)
Min Speed 1 MPH (1.6 km/h)
Max Speed 200 MPH (321.9 km/h)
Speed Resolution 0.1 MPH (0.16 km/h)
Speed Accuracy

+/- 0.5 mph +/-3% (+/- 0.8 km/h +/-3% )

Directionality Approaching, Receding, Both

Communications Ports:

4 Communications types RS-485 full duplex
RS-485 half duplex
RS-232, no flow control
Up to four simultaneous ports One RS-485 FD, one RS-232, and one USB port
Two RS-485 HD, one RS-232, and one USB port
Baud Rates 9.6K to 921.6K baud
11 streaming protocols
3 polled protocols
Any output protocol on any port
Sensor are addressable with multi-drop capabilities

Trigger Output (not available on 200-0880-54, and -57):

Electrically isolated trigger contacts
One normally floating contact - pulled to ground for alarm state
60 volt max
400 mA max



10 to 45 volts, DC

Current 80 mA @ 12 VDC typ.
Power < 1 watt
Protections Transient protection
Reverse voltage protection
Resettable Fuse


Center frequency 24.125 GHz
Frequency Span 100 MHz
Transmit Power 100 mW
Beam Width 30° by 32°
F.C.C. Approved. No license required.

Physical Specifications (enclosure):

Stalker Traffic Control Sensor
Size (LxWxD) w/o connector 4.4 x 3.9 x 1.6 inches (11.2 x 9.9 x 4 cm)
Weight <13 oz. (.35 kg)
Housing Die-cast aluminum
Electrical connector M12, 12 pin
Mounting 4 x 10-32 UNF


Operating temp. -22° F (-30° C) to +158° F (+70° C)
Storage temp. -49° F (-45° C) to +185° F (+85° C)
Ingress rating IP67