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Stalker Traffic Analyst

How to choose Sensors

Collect and analyze valuable traffic data in support of Grant applications and community policing, with industry-leading effectiveness.

The very first section in most Grant applications is to define the need. In instances where traffic speed, volume, or roadway considerations are concerned - whether for adjusting a speed limit, purchasing a speed/message sign, or allocation of department resources - properly assembled traffic data can make all of the difference between winning or losing an application. Powerful traffic statistic tools are critical.

The new Stalker Traffic Analyst is that tool. Updated analysis control allows you to take raw data and display it by count vs time, count vs speed, and 85th percentile, just to name a few. Data can be split, graphed, filtered, and then rendered in a color report designed with Agency branding and support information.

Beginning with the setup, the actual sensor can be configured. Then, the intuitive survey management tools walk the user through calendar setup, location details, speed and time resolutions, vehicle classification, speeds, distances, and more.

  • Intuitive Survey and Calendar setup
  • Visual analysis controlled by floating pallets
  • Compare and toggle between multiple reports
  • Combine analysis screens onto common report
  • Group file operations into project folder
  • Stalker Traffic Analyst sample report
  • Powerful, user-defined report generation >>
  • Built-in sensor configuration and setup





Stalker Traffic Analyst - Analysis Window
(Anaylsis Window - click image to enlarge)

Stalker Traffic Analyst tabular data
(Tabular Data - click image to enlarge)

Stalker Traffic Analyst Sample report
(Sample Report - click image to enlarge)

Stalker Traffic Analyst easy survey setup
(Survey Setup- click image to enlarge)

Stalker Traffic Analyst


The analysis window is the visual heart of the program. Survey details may be added such as Google Map/satellite views, description notes,
and analysis notes.

Analysis Control

The Analysis Control is a floating palette where the analysis type is determined and then applied to the analysis window.

  • Count vs Time
  • Weekly Count vs Time
  • Count vs Speed
  • Percentile Chart
  • Average Speed vs Time
  • Speed vs Time Bubble Chart
  • Analysis Control floating palette
  • Revenue

Graph Control

The Graph Controls palette provides additional options such as X/Y grid detail, data values, display type (graph or tabular) and graph type:

  • Point
  • Lines
  • Columns
  • Stacked
  • Area

Data Filtering

Filter the data by more selective parameters such speed, dates, times, vehicle classification and traffic direction, all on a separate floating palette.

Report Generation

Simple setup allows for custom design of your reports with Agency information, branding, photos, and other supporting details for printing
and distribution.

Survey Setup

The configuration of the data is the heart of the survey. An intuitive setup window steps you through all of the necessary data to be included:

  • Location details
  • Survey configuration
  • Speed/time resolutions, vehicle classifications, speeds, distances
  • Calendar setup
  • Modes, days of the week, start/stop times

Sensor Setup

Configuration of the sensor itself is simple and effective. Communication between the Traffic Analyst program and the Stalker Traffic Statistics sensor is automatic and provides control over the major functions:

  • Survey Download
  • Real Time Recording
  • Sensor Configuration
  • Sensor Clock Setup

Brochure Downloads

Stalker Traffic Analyst brochure