Get a speeding ticket? Before contacting Stalker, read this.

Get a Speeding Ticket?

Our Policy on Releasing Manuals or Commenting on Individual Speeding Tickets

It is the policy of Applied Concepts, Inc., dba Stalker Radar, to not discuss any information concerning the operation of our police radar or Lidar speed measuring products with the general public.

Since we were not present to any traffic situations, we cannot comment on what the officer may have seen or how the equipment was used.

Our Operator’s Manuals are covered by the Copyright Act of 1976, which means they are protected from illegal reproduction, internet publication or posting, and/or unwarranted distribution. The State of Texas Attorney General’s office has made numerous rulings on these Operator’s Manuals stating they contain proprietary and/or trade secret information and are not subject to the Open Records Act or Freedom of Information Act.

We will not respond to public inquiries asking for information on how the radar or Lidar works, questions about a specific radar or Lidar unit, or requests for manuals or other documentation.