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Police Lidar FAQ’s

What is the Difference Between Radar and Lidar?

Radar uses radio waves and the Doppler effect to compute how fast vehicles are travelling, while Lidar uses infrared light. Because radio waves are much larger than light waves, the beam width of a radar gun is much wider (around 200’ wide at 1,000’ away) than a police Lidar gun (around 3’ at 1,000’). This allows for much more precise targeting with Lidar in situations where monitoring one vehicle at a time is preferable, such as in dense traffic.

What is the difference between a standard Lidar gun and the LidarCam 2?

Both our standard Lidar guns (the RLR, XLR, and XS) and the LidarCam 2 use Lidar technology to detect vehicle speeds. The LidarCam 2 also has a built-in 8 MP camera that is able to capture both photo and video evidence to accompany your recorded speed measurements. This allows you to create evidence packages that can clearly identify any vehicle involved in a speed violation.

The LidarCam 2 can also be equipped with ALPR/ANPR license plate reading capabilities, which allows you to use the latest in technology to scan for wanted plates while you are scanning vehicles.

Why Don’t Lidar Guns Have Moving Mode?

Radar can be used while moving because the beam width is wider, allowing officers to scan traffic for speeders in a more general, hands-off manner. Lidar, on the other hand, uses a much narrower laser beam, and therefore must target each vehicle individually. This cannot be accomplished safely while the officer is driving.

From How Far Away Can Vehicle Speeds Be Tracked By Lidar?

Our RLR and XLR police Lidar guns use a laser beam that can accurately track inbound vehicles over 4,000’ (1.2 km) away while handheld, and over 9,000’ (2.7 km) on away targets. Our XS model can track vehicles up to 2,000’ (.6 km) away.

Can Lidar Be Used When It Is Raining or Snowing?

All of Stalker’s police Lidar guns include our advanced Inclement Weather mode standard. While precipitation will reduce the usable range of your Lidar, Inclement Weather mode ensures that your Lidar will still perform at the highest level possible.

Can Lidar Be Used Through The Front Windshield?

Yes. Our advanced hardware and firmware ignores laser reflections from inside the patrol vehicle when aimed through the front windshield..