LidarCam 2 - Photo & Video Speed Enforcement Camera + Lidar

LidarCam 2

Where Cutting-Edge Lidar Speed Enforcement Meets Undeniable Photo and Video Evidence Capture

Automatically collect a video + multiple high-resolution photos every time you capture a traffic violation. Built-in Automated License Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR) Technology can automatically check for wanted plates or other violations. Hand-held or mounted to a tripod, in a patrol vehicle or from the side of the road, the Stalker LidarCam 2 is the next generation of photo enforcement. 

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The LidarCam 2 from Stalker combines Lidar with photo and video speed enforcement
The new LidarCam 2 is packed with exclusive features including an industry-leading 8-megapixel camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for low-light capabilities. The cutting-edge camera captures both HD video and 8 MP still images, and offers an industry-leading 1 TB of internal storage. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) allows for easy target acquisition with user-selected reticles. Quickly transfer data using USB-C, Wi-Fi, or cellular connections. Customize yours with a shoulder stock or a tripod mount so you have the most advanced traffic enforcement technology while on-the-go.
An image of the LidarCam 2, a speed enforcement tool that combines lidar with photo and video evidence
Automated License Plate Recognition Technology

A built-in ANPR/ALPR License Plate Reader allows you to scan traffic for wanted plates, even/odd plates, and more.

1-Shot Evidence Packages

Simply pull the trigger once to capture multiple 8 MP images, a 2-10 second video clip, and a variety of metadata.

Choose up to 1 TB of onboard memory to store days-worth of data.

Easy-To-Use Touchscreen

A 4.3” (10.9 cm) touchscreen makes it easy to capture evidence packages and navigate between menus.

Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular connectivity.
  • USB-C communication with printers, Ethernet, and 4G-LTE cellular networks.
  • Native fully-remote wireless operation in real time on ANY platform – phone, tablet, or desktop – with no proprietary apps needed.
  • In-vehicle wireless printer available.
Software Included

Export captured data to the included Evidence Manager software (Windows-based) for viewing evidence back at the precinct, courthouse, etc.

Safe and Secure

AES-256 encryption comes standard.

Power for Hours

Multiple battery options to meet your enforcement needs:

  • 2-Cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack for up to 5 hours of operation.
  • 4-Cell Li-Ion pack for up to 10 hours of operation. Rapidly recharges from 5% battery remaining to 90% charge in just one hour.

In-vehicle charging option available for Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs.

Industry-Leading Camera Collects Photo and Video Evidence

8 Megapixels

Easily collect multiple clear photos, even from a distance. High resolution means you can zoom in for indisputable proof.

Video Evidence

Set your LidarCam 2 to collect between 2-10 seconds of HD video with each Evidence Package.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera sensor allows the LidarCam 2 to perform well even in lower-lighting conditions.


All the Features of Our Top-of-the-Line Lidar Gun

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Auto Obstruction Mode with C-Thru Technology

Allows the operator to track targets that were previously impossible due to fences, trees, signage, etc.

School Zone/ Construction Zone Mode

Allows the operator to easily define a specific area such as a school zone or reduced-speed construction zone, and then the LidarCam will only obtain vehicle speeds when they are within those boundaries.

Following-Too-Close Mode

Calculates the distance between two moving vehicles in the same lane so you can enforce safe driving practices.

Inclement Weather Mode

Allows the laser to function in rain, snow, blowing dust, fog, etc.


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