Stalker Patrol | High Quality, Budget-Friendly Police Radar


A High Quality, Budget-Friendly Police Radar System

The Stalker Patrol police radar puts Stalker quality and reliability within every department’s budget.

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Budget Price, Premium Features

Stalker Radar engineers were tasked with creating a police radar that cut costs but not corners. The Stalker Patrol is the result, placing Stalker quality and reliability within reach of departments where budget constraints are the limiting factor.

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LCD Display

The Stalker Patrol utilizes Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology featuring a high-contrast white on black high-contrast screen.

The LCD readout provides excellent contrast in bright sunlight, with a dimmable backlight feature for easy nighttime viewing. LCD screens from the competition may have a fixed backlight, while the Stalker Patrol allows the operator to select various levels of lighting to best fit the ambient light conditions.

The viewing angle of the Patrol has also been enhanced to allow the counting unit to be mounted in various positions within the patrol vehicle for more clear viewing from the driver’s seat.

True Doppler Audio

The Stalker Patrol compensates for patrol speed variations when generating the Doppler audio.

Since the audio tones do not vary with patrol speed, the operator learns to correlate this true Doppler audio with target speed, which eliminates the need to constantly watch the display to determine target speed.

Patrol antenna

Patented Digital Antenna Communication

The Stalker Patrol achieves superior range and noise immunity by digitizing the Doppler audio signal at the antenna and uses a high-speed digital communication link to transmit data between the antenna and the counting unit.

By using digital antenna communication, we’ve virtually eliminated false signals and improved the range of the Patrol.

Patrol antenna

PATROL Features

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Waterproof K-Band USB antennas with patented digital antenna communication

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Ergonomic backlit remote control


True Doppler audio


White on black high contrast LCD display

Stalker Patrol dash mounted radar with remote and 2 antennas with white caps

High-speed USB antenna connections

Icon-DUAL SL Detachable-Unit

One-piece display/counting unit


Includes hardwired power/VSS cable

Connecting Your Radar

To get accurate radar speed readings in moving mode, your [radar unit] needs to be able to accurately measure your patrol vehicle’s speed on a second-to-second basis. There are three ways to obtain this speed:


Many vehicles allow access to the computer via an OBD-II port. Your Stalker radar can plug directly into this port.

VSS Cable

Some agencies choose to wire directly into their patrol vehicle’s VSS cable to connect their radar system.

Stalker Speed Module

If you don’t have access to an OBD-II port or VSS cable, you can connect your radar system to a Stalker Speed Module


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