Stalker I | Police radar gun for in-car or motorcycle use.


Fast, Durable, Economical Handheld Police Radar

The Stalker I police radar gun is an affordable way to equip your force with the Stalker Radar technology that has been relied on by police organizations around the globe. Designed for stationary use, the Stalker I is fast, accurate, and durable – year after year.

Durable and Feature-Rich

The Stalker I hand-held police radar gun is the first generation of what has today evolved to become the police radar gun used by more US state law enforcement agencies than all other radar companies combined. With its durable yet lightweight die-cast housing that is waterproof to up to .6 meters, to its industry-standard DSP (digital signal processing) direction-sensing technology and Strongest Target Tracking, the Stalker I offers an affordable and accurate way to enforce speed in your community.

Stalker II in use capturing speed

All Day Use

Use your Stalker I all day, and then simply remove the detachable battery pack handle and recharge in hours. Mount it to your motorcycle using our custom motorcycle mount, use it hand-held in your patrol cars, or mount it to the dash of your vehicle.

LCD Display Technology

Liquid Crystal Display technology provides a high-contrast display in bright sunlight and is backlit for easy nighttime viewing.

The three-window backlit display is easy to read in all lighting conditions, and the touch panel keyboard can be operated even while wearing gloves. Direction-sensing technology tracks vehicles approaching, going away, or both from up to 1.2km away.

Stalker I display

Stalker I Features

Water Icon
Waterproof down to 2 feet (0.6m) of water depth

Stalker I’s rugged die-cast metal construction is completely waterproof in up to 2 feet of water.

Removeable / rechargeable sealed battery handle containing a 7.2-volt Li-Ion battery

The Stalker I’s detachable battery handle contains rechargeable, high-capacity Li-Ion batteries. They can be recharged in the gun or through a charger platform. The charger operates on 220v/50Hz or 110v/60Hz.

True Doppler Audio

True Doppler audio gives you a sonic indicator of target vehicle speeds, making traffic enforcement even easier

Backlit LCD with 3-speed windows

Shows the speeds of vehicles approaching, going away, or both.

Stalker I radar gun

Your Choice of Moving Directional (MDR) and Stationary Directional (SDR) Models


Backlit LCD with 3 speed windows


Waterproof down to 2 feet (0.6 m) of water depth


True Doppler Audio


Removable/rechargeable sealed battery handle containing a 7.2-volt Li-Ion battery


Optional cordless remote control (MDR comes with cordless remote standard)


In The Car, Or On A Motorcycle

The Stalker I is just as useful in a car or on a motorcycle. It can be dash mounted (with or without its handle) in a patrol car, or you can use one of our many motorcycle mounts and holsters. You can even mount it to a tripod for roadside use.

Stalker Radar II motorcycle mount


Stalker II Car mount

In-Car Use

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