DUAL SL | Dash-mount police radar for dense urban streets


Police Radar Designed For Dense Urban Environments

The Stalker DUAL SL is an economical, full-featured police radar and is a great tool for urban speed enforcement.

Urban Policing

Keep Your City Safe

The Stalker DUAL SL police radar, with its manually set target direction and same/opposite direction selection, is ideal for urban traffic policing. Set the target parameters based on the traffic enforcement scenario at hand, and then focus your full attention on navigating in dense city traffic.

Stronger and Faster

The DUAL SL is Stalker’s original police traffic enforcement radar with Stalker’s Faster Speed Tracking. This assists the operator in making proper target identification when a faster target and a strongest target are both in the radar beam. Automatic same-direction operation determines if vehicles traveling in the same direction are closing or going away from the radar.

Same-Direction with Directional Antenna Operation

With direction-sensing capabilities, the DUAL SL is able to determine if vehicles traveling in the same direction are closing or going away from the radar. This allows the DUAL SL to automatically measure same direction traffic speeds as simply and accurately as it does opposite-direction traffic.

DSR black antenna

Patented Digital Antenna Communication

The Stalker DUAL SL achieves longer range by digitizing the Doppler audio signal at the antenna and uses a high speed bi-direction communication link to transmit data between the antenna and the counting unit.

Other two-piece radar units (even DSP radar units) send a low-level Doppler audio signal from the antenna to the counting unit for processing and speed display. This method is susceptible to noise by the auto ignition and 2-way radio transmissions, which result in reduced range and increased potential for false signals.

DUAL SL Features


Single-Zone Non-Directional Radar


3-Window Fastest Speed Tracking


Vehicle Speed Sensing (VSS) Operation is Standard


Digital Antenna Communication


Automatic Same-Direction Operation

Icon-DUAL SL Detachable-Unit

Detachable Display Unit

Location Icon

Accurate Monitoring at Long Distances


True Doppler Audio


RS-232 Serial Port

Remote Possibilities

ergonomic wireless
infrared remotes

  • Omnidirectional and backlit.
  • Simple 1-button functionality for quick switching between modes and antennas.
DUAL SL remote
DUAL SL hard wired metal remote
DUAL SL hard wired metal remote

Wired Metal-Body REMOTE

Perfect for in vehicle use

Connecting Your Radar

To get accurate radar speed readings in moving mode, your [radar unit] needs to be able to accurately measure your patrol vehicle’s speed on a second-to-second basis. There are three ways to obtain this speed:


Many vehicles allow access to the computer via an OBD-II port. Your Stalker radar can plug directly into this port.

VSS Cable

Some agencies choose to wire directly into their patrol vehicle’s VSS cable to connect their radar system.

Stalker Speed Module

If you don’t have access to an OBD-II port or VSS cable, you can connect your radar system to a Stalker Speed Module

Motorcycle Radar & Accessories

The DUAL SL can also be installed on a motorcycle with a variety of mounts and accessories.


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Stalker Radar Dual SL

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