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Rent and Lease

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Always keep your department armed with cutting edge equipment

Purchasing new radar, lidar, or traffic signs can be expensive. And with the way technology keeps expanding exponentially, it can be frustrating to purchase equipment that becomes outdated before your department is authorized to upgrade. That’s why Stalker Radar offers flexible equipment rental and leasing terms.


If you don’t want the commitment of leasing equipment for long-term ownership, or if you like the option of always having the latest Stalker Radar equipment while only paying low monthly fees, then our rental program is a great fit for you! At the end of your rental period, you can simply turn in your used equipment, or exchange it for brand new equipment for a new rental period. Another great aspect of the rental program is that many departments are able to make payments from their operating expenses budget, which allows you to get the products you want without going through the hassle of a formal bid process. 


Finance your purchase over the course of 12, 24, or even 36 months. Make small monthly payments, and, at the end of your term, own your equipment outright. Since Stalker Radar is built to last, you can expect dependable service from your equipment for years to come.


1. Speak with your Stalker Radar rep to build the perfect customized package to meet the needs of your department. Rent or lease any of our police radar and lidar options or take advantage of lease-only programs for our radar speed trailers.

2. Decide on the term and payment amounts that you are comfortable with.

3. Receive your equipment and start using it!

4. Your equipment is covered by our full factory warranty for the entire term of your lease or rental.

5. If you signed a lease agreement, at the end of your term your equipment will be paid in full! For rental agreements, you can decide to purchase the rental equipment at a discounted price, return it, or exchange it for the latest new equipment under a new rental term.

*Our lease and rental agreements are fully compliant with all government funding programs.

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